Hire Dedicated Resources

Team Offers you Hire a Highly Skilled Team or Developer for your Web and Mobile Development Needs

We have an excellent solution on the Dedicated Resource Model which gives you complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. With our flexible engagement models and complete project evaluation, we ensure to allocate best resources that suits on your need.

These are some popular categories we provide our Dedicated Resources / Team model.

  • PHP Developers

  • Java Developers

  • Angular Developers

  • WordPress Developer

  • WooCommerce Experts

  • Laravel Developers

  • Android Developers

  • Shopify Developer

  • Python Developers

  • React Developers

  • IOS Developers

  • javaScript Developers

Hire a Highly Skilled Team or Developer

Keeping all processes in-house is not always the wise choice, as it involves investing a significant chunk of the budget on payroll, building technological infrastructure and spending time and effort in the recruitment process. And it is not simple to manage the team and drive the project as you have to involve in your core business. Here is where our dedicated resource model comes in.

Why a Dedicated Resource Model?

The dedicated resource model has become an easy solution for all your IT related requirements. Sometimes, business owners are not properly aware of their core needs. From analyzing your core needs to selecting skilled experts and allocating the job- everything can be done with the right resource. Nowadays, most of the business owners who seek an expert professional IT team for their mobile application, website building or software building, prefer to go with dedicated resource model, it is a modern way of business engagement.

Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Resource Model


  • The dedicated resource model is no doubt a cost-effective way
  • Team members offer a strong focus on the project and adapttability
  • Here a client can control the team management
  • Here clients can expect a fast-paced development cycle
  • It also endorses collaboration and continuous integration


  • Short-term projects can suffer low-efficiency
  • Sometimes selecting the right team can take more time
  • All requirements cannot be satisfied by one size
  • Various time zones boredom and related moral complexions

Comparison Between Fixed Cost and Dedicated Hiring Model

The system is transparent as well as cost-effective

Projects with low to medium complexity can easily go for a fixed cost model. It needs well-defined technical requirements. Team members can know the risks related to the project before taking the projects in hand. During the implementation, generally, these projects do not require any change or extension. Customers’ feedback and decisions also help in this model.

When it comes to a dedicated hiring model, any kind of change or extension can take place according to the clients’ requirements. Risks and complexities can take place during the performance. The project will not be straightforward without external dependencies.

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